Friday, September 19, 2008

Baking at the Fair

LA County Fair

I consider many of our outings as rehearsals for our next visit. Such was the case yesterday with the LA County Fair. I’ve never understood why they hold this event during one of the hottest months of the year—in Pomona. We parked at the yellow gate, only to discover it was a long, hot walk to the other side of the fair grounds. That’s where the farm animals are. If you have little kids, park at the blue gate. There were certainly lots of animals, but mostly goats in the petting zoo. This seems to be because even a small goat can hold it’s own with a less-than-gentle toddler. Kids—the human ones, that is—can also pedal around a small corral on mini tractors. You can watch cows get milked by machines at 11:30, 1:30, 3:30, and 5:30.

Unless you live near Pomona, my take is, if you only have a little kid, you can wait on the fair until she’s older. Our son also rode on the Merry-Go-Round, and probably would have enjoyed the Garden Railroad—if we hadn’t had to start the expedition back to the car. But many of the little kid activities are available other places, in smaller and often cooler venues. The Tujunga Watermelon Festival (earlier in the summer) features a petting zoo, Merry-Go-Round, kid bands, and free watermelon.

Still, we’ll definitely return when the boy is older. There’s a lot to do for the 5+ set. Next time, we’ll bring a wagon instead of a stroller, and load it with a cooler. We spent a fortune on cold drinks yesterday.

Other attractions that look fun, if you can get to them at the right time: pig racing and stunt dog show.

The LA County Fair runs through September 28.

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  1. Nifty. Fun to read and with lots of good information. Low key enough to not be put off but serious enough for it to be clear what the priorities for action might be (baby stuff).


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