Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sweet Greens

The star of our vegetable garden this month is the delicious Di Cicco Broccoli. Hard to believe it all came from a $1.79 packet of Botanical Interests seeds.

Broccoli was a top priority for our winter garden, because it's so sweet when home grown. The stems of this one are even sweeter than the florets, so I happily give my son the soft tops and scarf down the rest myself. I often eat this broccoli plain; sauces can interfere with its wonderful flavor.

Di Cicco is also a beautiful plant. The site of ours, dappled with raindrops, glittering in the early light drew me outdoors this morning for a brief recharge before the breakfast dishes and diapers.

I started these plants in fiber pots on our shady back porch in late August. I placed them in the bed in October (I think).

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