Sunday, December 6, 2009

Rain Captured

The results are in: Our rain barrel, Urna Therma, isn't just a beauty, she gets the job done. When we installed her, weren't sure how much water we'd capture. But that one late October rain filled her shapely figure to the brim. So Urna may get a baby sister one of these days.

I use that tap on the bottom to fill my son's tiny watering can and water seedlings. For my two-year-old, it's a good alternative to the hose, i.e. he can't blast mommy with a hose.

With a little planning you can forego a rain barrel and channel rainwater directly into your garden. You can find details on a page of the TreePeople website.

Either approach can keep water from flowing off your property. Once it hits the street, runoff picks up pollution that can be transported into waterways and out to the ocean.


  1. she is lovely. where did you find her?


  2. I bought it from Gardeners Supply:

  3. Do you know how many gallons your rain barrel stores?

    I currently have 2 rain barrels, one at the front of my house and one at the back and I love them, but they fill up virtually every time it rains so I'm looking for either more barrels or bigger ones.

  4. What a great problem to have! Mine is 65 gallons:,37-517,default,cp.html
    Pricey but worth it for the peace of mind.

  5. Looks great. As soon as we get gutters I'm getting a bunch of these!


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